Announcing – Dr. Duggan has now launched a partnership with Cornerstone Training Institute as Duggan Oral Design, LLC.  He no longer has a relationship with Duggan Institute of Dentistry.  All of his restorative classes will be taught at the CTI venue in Irvine, California after December 8, 2023.

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Class II Gingival Extension for CAAPID exams

The link below will show you a typical moment with a student in the Restorative Dentistry program – in this case showing how to extend a class II farther gingivally.

This was recorded with our proprietary POV camera system.

This POV system is currently being redesigned, and the videos will be many more and more varied, but you can get an idea from this what can be learned.

Pay careful attention to the DIRECTION that I am looking, using the mirror, so I can SEE how close I am to the adjacent tooth, and how deep I am axially.  THAT is all that is necessary to see!

When you learn to look in this way – dental preparations will no longer be a challenge!