Announcing – Dr. Duggan has now launched a partnership with Cornerstone Training Institute as Duggan Oral Design, LLC.  He no longer has a relationship with Duggan Institute of Dentistry.  All of his restorative classes will be taught at the CTI venue in Irvine, California after December 8, 2023.

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Our Programs

Advancing knowledge and innovation for a better world

We offer Restorative Dentistry programs that serve the needs of those applying to dental school, those graduating from dental school, and those who aspire to teach dentistry.

Restorative Dentistry Program

The Restorative Dentistry Program is a comprehensive course designed to equip dentists with advanced skills and knowledge to perform restorative procedures. The Restorative Dentistry Program is especially useful to those applying for dental school admission.

Conservative Indirect Program

This program is designed to benefit those anticipating joining a practice where CAD/CAM restorations are extensively used. Whether for a new graduate or someone more experienced we teach the most conservative use of ceramics, and even indirect composite restorations.​

Faculty Mentorship Program

We offer the chance for any aspiring dental faculty member to learn teaching sound and advanced methods BY teaching. Dr. Duggan guides the way through role-playing as well as working with actual students in a wide variety of situations.​



Dr. Duggan has partnered with Cornerstone Training Institute starting in 2024 for the continued evolution of State-of-the-Art Courses!

State-of-the-Art Training Center for your enhanced Learning

Cornerstone Training Institute

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Cornerstone Training Institute is a cutting-edge, state-of-the-art dental training facility dedicated to providing dental professionals with the latest techniques and technologies in the field. Our facility is equipped with 14 hands-on stations, each featuring a full dental setup, including microscopes, manikins, and a fully digital workflow. We pride ourselves on our ability to accommodate a wide range of dental procedures, from basic scaling and root planning to full mouth rehabilitation.

At Cornerstone Training Institute, our mission is to make dental surgical procedures approachable and accessible to all dental practitioners. We strive to ensure that our participants can seamlessly integrate the skills and techniques learned during our courses into their daily practice.

Currently, we offer two comprehensive courses, including the Endodontic Microsurgery Course and Hands-on Training with Personalized Feedback. Each course is designed to provide participants with a solid foundation in dental surgical procedures, emphasizing hands-on training and personalized feedback to enhance learning outcomes.

In partnership with Dr. Duggan we have co-founded Duggan Oral Design, LLC. We support his work teaching restorative dentistry to international dentists, dental students, dental educators and new practitioners. He has developed the most comprehensive course designs over decades, and we look forward to hosting his mandate, skills, methodology and passion over coming decades!

Our expert instructors are dedicated to sharing their knowledge and expertise, ensuring that every participant receives the highest quality training and support throughout their learning journey. We are committed to empowering dental professionals to elevate their practice, enhance patient outcomes, and thrive in the ever-evolving world of dentistry.