Announcing – Dr. Duggan has now launched a partnership with Cornerstone Training Institute as Duggan Oral Design, LLC.  He no longer has a relationship with Duggan Institute of Dentistry.  All of his restorative classes will be taught at the CTI venue in Irvine, California after December 8, 2023.

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What makes the DOD experience unique?

Over 31 years Dr. Duggan has made innumerable observations of the 6000+ student he has taught.  The years have evolved a teaching philosophy from these observations, and it is uniquely effective and in service to our students.  Dr. Duggan pays attention to what works and what doesn’t work, and has distilled his teaching to that which is the most advantageous to you.  

The Tripod of Learning

These three legs represent the foundation of restorative dentistry - stabile performance requires ALL THREE. Without thorough experience with each of these areas, acceptable dentistry cannot be done.

Preparation Design

in relation to restorative material and remaining hard tissue. Everything we do must take into account the physical properties of all materials - their nature and their volume.

Strategy of Execution

What steps are optimal, what to SEE with each step, and HOW to see it. 90% of all clinical failing errors are made when looking in the wrong direction and not completing one step before moving on to the next!

Systematic Evaluation

Look for specific errors so that you will have a chance to FIND errors that shorten lifetime, so you have a chance of fixing them! You cannot fix what you cannot see, and you cannot see what you do not LOOK for. Here you learn how to look!

Ten Elements of Intentional Teaching for Optimal Learning

Each Element represents part of an overall unique approach – it is through paying attention in EVERY one of these areas that we help you excel.

1. Working with Patient Geometries

Dr. Duggan believes in teaching skills only as they are directly transferable to patients – so we use manikins and work in all four quadrants

6. Visualize in microscopic 3D

A series of visualization exercises helps students to get BETTER at seeing things in 3D – a necessary attribute!

2. Seeing Through Another’s Eyes

With our proprietary POV camera you can see exactly what Dr. Duggan sees, along the same axis.  This is the single most impactful development in dental education for decades!

7. Work faster by Slowing Down

When students take their time on each initial step, making sure they are done well, all of the subsequent steps get faster!

3. Modification Strategies

We teach methods whereby detected errors may be most efficiently and safely remedied

8. Learn by Noting what does NOT Work.

You must be AWARE that something doesn’t work so that you CAN try another approach

4. You only learn what makes sense

We teach so that every student comes to feel a conviction that they know what needs to be done and how to do it.  We encourage questions!

9. Trial-and-error versus Seeing what you cut

There is ALWAYS something that MUST be seen – but it may not be the goal of what you are doing.  

5. Practice by doing Differently

You cannot DO the same thing every time and avoid a mistake you made before.  We try different things until the error is not made

10. We ONLY see what we look for.

If you are not LOOKING to see if you have clearance on the DB triangular ridge on a Md molar crown reduction, you will not SEE if it is too little!